Reimagine Selling

North America’s most successful builders are not the companies that do what other companies do, but do it a little bit better.  They’re the companies that do things a whole lot differently. Selling, maybe more than anything else.

In the 1920’s E.K. Strong carried out pioneering research studies that focused on small, or low-ticket selling.   As a result, Strong introduced features and benefits, closing techniques, objection handling and open and closed questions.

Now, for more than 90 years, these same concepts have been copied, adapted and refined with the assumption that they applied to all sales.  Never more so than in homebuilding.  It hard to admit, but the industry has fallen-into-step and “bet all their chips” on Strong’s original methods.  And for any number of reasons, most other trainers try to justify that Low-Ticket methods work. We’d be the first to agree that change is a bitch.  But we’d also be the first to say that we can help, if you want to achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.

Now, back to my original statement … North America’s most successful builders do things a whole lot differently than their counterparts.  Especially, the way they sell.  You should too.

Oh yeah, before I forget.  Here’s what makes the Reimagine Selling process unique and different from all other programs:

  • It’s all about the High-Ticket sale
  • It’s based on research
  • It just flat-out produces results
  • It differentiates you from competitors
  • Customer’s love it



Opening the Sale

Picture this:  Selling objectives designed to match your customer’s shopping objectives.  How great would it be to accomplish your sales agenda and advance the sale, and at the same time have your customer accomplish their agenda too?  Reimagine Selling makes all this happen with one additional benefit.

All the while you’re “making it happen” for both you and your customer, you’re also differentiating yourself from your competition.  Who would you rather work with, someone trying to “sell you”, or an associate that seems to make you their top priority?

The selling behaviors below become very powerful when used in the early stages of your customer’s shopping process.

Key Selling Behaviors

•  Comfort

•  Expectations

•  Differentiation

Your Benefit

When your associates efficiently utilize these selling behaviors you will notice a significant increase in return guests (be-backs).  The Opening phase of training will require two training visits.

Value Building

The key to building value in today’s market is some very special selling behaviors.  The traditional method of presenting features and benefits (low-ticket sales strategy) to build value doesn’t work for selling a high-ticket product..

Value building for high-ticket products means that your associates must use sales techniques that allow them to help customers define what they want to accomplish … how it compares to their current situation … and the benefits it will provide for them (customers) if they reach their goal.

These selling behaviors are very, very effective in selling more and discounting less than your competition.

Key Selling Behaviors

• Floorplan Voting

• Floorplan Voting Validation

• The Value List

Your Benefit

When your associates efficiently utilize these unique selling behaviors, you will notice that your sales increase and your discounts and incentives decrease.  The Value Building phase of training will require three training visits.

Closing the Sale

Closing the sale is merely gaining your customer’s agreement that your solution matches their definition of a great decision.

Traditional closing methods can work to sell a home, it’s just that they aren’t very effective when used with customers making a high-ticket decision.

The Reimagine closing process consists of two specific modules that are designed to provide customers proof that they are making the most “perfect” decision they can make.

Key Selling Behaviors

•  Matching

•  Trade-Offs

Your Benefit

When your associates efficiently utilize these closing behaviors, you notice fewer cancellations, and more referrals.  The Closing the Sale phase of training will require two training visits.

Advanced Selling Techniques

After the training is complete, we recommend this module in order to maintain! the efficiency and effectiveness you’ve already established. These selling advanced behaviors should be addressed quarterly and will cover:

Advanced Selling Behaviors

•  Justification Tour

•  Mobile Value List

•  The Interview Tour

•  Strategic Positioning

•  Blurring

Your Benefit

The advanced program guarantees that your associates continually improve and don’t slip back into “old” habits.  We will always keep you up-to-date with the latest information from our ongoing research programs.  This phase of training will require one visit per quarter.