Quit Doggin’ it

Quit Doggin’ it

I’m stunned. I know that it’s tough out there … and I know that customers have a hard time selling their current home in order to buy yours … but that’s no excuse for doggin” it.

Let me start at the beginning.  I visit a lot of new home communities.  That’s because I travel so much.  And I can’t tell you how many times I visited a new home community … only to have a sales person hand me a brochure and say, “Let me know if you have any questions.”

As I said, I’m stunned.  Here we are I one of the toughest markets we ever faced … and sales people are acting like it’s a “sellers” market.  They’re acting like yesterday’s tactics are the answers to today’s problems.

Selling today takes place in your model homes … not in your office.  And if you’re “selling” from your office … you’re missing out.  In other words, you’re missing sales you probably had an opportunity to make.

Customers have lots of choices.  They can stay where they are … buy from you … buy a resale home … or buy from numerous competitors.  If you’re just average, you don’t stand a chance.

Today’s marketplace requires that you stand out.  You need to be different in terms of your sales process.  And if you don’t you’re finished!  Customers have too many other choices.  Remember … no matter how bad the market is … people are still buying new homes.  The question is … will you sell it … or will it be your competitor that makes the sale?

The moral of my story … “Don’t Dog It” … take advantage of those that do”.

Twenty years ago, Rick became the first trainer in the homebuilding industry introduce a program that addressed the differences between high and low-ticket selling strategies.  Today, Reimagine Selling is still the only industry program that is based on the behaviors most closely identified with success in a high-ticket sale.   It’s supported by the longest and largest research study both inside and outside of the homebuilding industry and produces results better that any other program.