Is This Your First Visit?

Is This Your First Visit?

I visited a sales office in Austin the other day.  Never mind the builder … the name isn’t important any way.   It’s my story that’s important.  Here goes.

I arrived at the sales office an hour or so after they opened.  And even before I could get to the plat table, I received the usual greeting, “Hello.  Is this you’re first visit?”  Which was followed by, “What brings you out today?”  And it went downhill from there.

I was asked most of the usual questions.  Yeah, the same ones that everyone in the business uses.  To really evaluate these questions when selling a high-ticket product, you must ask one fundamental question:  “Who does this question benefit, me or my customer?”  


You             Customer

_____          _____          Is this your first visit?

_____          _____          What brings you out today?

_____          _____         Are you working with a Realtor?

_____          _____          Do you live in the area?

_____          _____          Why are you thinking about a change?

_____          _____          Do you have a home to sell?

_____          _____          What size home are you looking for?

_____          _____          How soon are you looking to change?

_____          _____          Do you have a price range in mind?


When are we going to learn?  On one hand, we say that we’re all about rapport and relationships … and on the other hand, our actions say we aren’t.  Want proof?  Ask yourself one more question: “What signal did you just send to your customer?” 

Twenty years ago, Rick became the first trainer in the homebuilding industry introduce a program that addressed the differences between high and low-ticket selling strategies.  Today, Reimagine Selling is still the only industry program that is based on the behaviors most closely identified with success in a high-ticket sale.   It’s supported by the longest and largest research study both inside and outside of the homebuilding industry and produces results better that any other program.