Cookies and Milk Are Nice …

Cookies and Milk Are Nice …

I keep hearing about all of the things you have to do to succeed in today’s market.  In other words, what you have to do to outsell your competition.  One in particular keeps “rearing its ugly head”.   It’s Relationship Selling.  Let me show you what I mean.

What do you think of when you hear the word “Relationship Selling”?  Or for that matter, what do you “tell” a bunch of sales people when you “teach” them how to do it?  If you don’t know, I’ve got the answer.

Relationship Selling has evolved into a game … a game about who can be “nicest”.  And to know I’m right, all you have to do is listen to sales people when they say, “I have to sell myself first”.   How “out of touch” is that?

Salespeople these days are in a contest to see who can make a customer “like them most”?  And that boils down to a “flawed” sales strategy.  In today’s market, being nice is “table stakes” to play the game.

Being nice doesn’t make the sale … it only gets your customer talking to you faster.  Think about it like this.  If a customer is going to spend a lot of money … which of two choices do you believe is most important to them?

  1. That they like you?
  2. Or that the decision they make … is the most Perfect Decision they could make?

Cookies and water are nice … but it’s not why people buy homes.  Never forget that!

Twenty years ago, Rick became the first trainer in the homebuilding industry introduce a program that addressed the differences between high and low-ticket selling strategies.  Today, Reimagine Selling is still the only industry program that is based on the behaviors most closely identified with success in a high-ticket sale.   It’s supported by the longest and largest research study both inside and outside of the homebuilding industry and produces results better that any other program.