If You’re Still Selling… Stop!

If You’re Still Selling… Stop!

I want to give you an exercise for your next sales meeting. My goal is to remind you of some important selling strategies … especially in today’s marketplace.  That said, here’s all you need to do.

At your next sales meeting, ask all of your associates to take out a small piece of scrap paper … something they can use to write just one sentence.  Once they are ready, have them jot down the reason you pay them a commission. In other words, ask them, “What does _____ Homes pay you to do?”  Here’s where the fun starts.

Go around the room, person-by-person, and ask each associate to read their answer.  I think … no, I hope you’ll be surprised by what your associates have to say.  Other than the few that substitute “We sell lifestyle” or “We sell our community”, most everyone will write, “Sell homes”.   And what’s wrong with that you’re probably thinking?   I guess nothing if you’re exploring sales and selling from your associate’s point-of-view.  That in mind, let me share with you another way to think about things.

Our research shows that sales success is directly tied to an associate’s selling strategy.  Simply said, an associate who’s strategy is “to sell’ is much less successful than an associate with a completely different strategy.  Think about it like this.

How would you behave if your strategy were to “sell” … home, community or maybe lifestyle?  Wouldn’t you discover what your customer was looking for … make a presentation based on what you discovered … and finally, base your closing on your presentation?

On the other hand, what if your strategy was something absolutely different. What if you were focused on solving your customer’s problems?  In short, to provide them with solutions that would put them in a better position than their current situation.

To solve problems wouldn’t you need to begin by understanding your customer’s current situation?  And wouldn’t that include understanding the current problems your customer wanted to solve… along with the benefits they would like to experience in a new place to live?  My point?

Associates that focus on helping a customer solve problems and realize benefits are much more successful.  And because they are in the business of solving problems, end up asking many more questions.  On the other hand, if the same associate believes that their job is to “sell” homes … end up doing more presenting or talking.

Which would you rather be … a problem solver or a sales person?

Twenty years ago, Rick became the first trainer in the homebuilding industry introduce a program that addressed the differences between high and low-ticket selling strategies.  Today, Reimagine Selling is still the only industry program that is based on the behaviors most closely identified with success in a high-ticket sale.   It’s supported by the longest and largest research study both inside and outside of the homebuilding industry and produces results better that any other program.