An Interesting Question

An Interesting Question

I’ve had an interesting question from a sales person in Atlanta.  And what a good question it was.  It went something like this:

What do you do in today’s market to get a customer to stop shopping and sign a purchase agreement?  In other words, how do you get them to say, “Yes, this is a “perfect” decision, let’s do it”. 

The answer might be easier that you think.

To begin you need to understand more about how your customer “makes decisions” than you need to understand about “how to sell”.  Most sales people know how to sell.  After all, that’s what sales training is all about.  But most associates don’t know how customers make decisions.  Which makes my next question very simple.

Getting a customer to stop shopping and finally make a purchase decision isn’t about how “good” you are at closing.  Anyone can ask for the order five to seven times (depending on who you believe).  A rookie can do that.  The great “closers” are the sales people that do something completely different … they only ask once.

I know it might not make sense because you’ve always been told something different, but closing once in a large, or high-ticket sale all depends on your value building skills, not how many times you ask.  And that means one thing:

“High-Ticket value-building skills transcend feature and benefit presentations and are dependent upon turning implied needs into explicit needs”.

Turning implied needs into explicit needs means moving beyond discovering needs, making a presentation and then closing.  That’s a very effective strategy if you are selling a low-ticket product, but is just the beginning in a high-ticket sale.  High ticket selling success requires moving your discovery process two to three layers deeper, which encourages your customer to share their entire story, not just part of it.  Master this sales technique and it will make “closing” easier than ever before.

Twenty years ago, Rick became the first trainer in the homebuilding industry introduce a program that addressed the differences between high and low-ticket selling strategies.  Today, Reimagine Selling is still the only industry program that is based on the behaviors most closely identified with success in a high-ticket sale.   It’s supported by the longest and largest research study both inside and outside of the homebuilding industry and produces results better that any other program.