About Rick


Hello world … I’m Rick.  I’d like to tell you a bit about where I’ve been and where I’m headed.  I’ll try to spare you the boring details and just highlight the things you’ll probably want to know.

First of all, I’ve officially made enough mistakes to call myself an expert.  But with each “mistake” my programs have gotten better and better and better.  Now, they’re exactly where I always thought they’d be … producing better results than any other program in the industry.

Before I founded my company I worked with various builders, beginning as an on-site sales associate.  As things progressed, I was promoted to sales manager, vice president of sales, and finally vice president of sales and marketing.  Each position turned out to be a fantastic experience because of the people I was able to meet along the way.

One of my best decisions came when I hired the Strategic Planning Institute to teach me a technique called PIMS, or Profit Impact Of Market Strategy.  This  research method allowed me to develop value maps for entire market areas and then create strategies that actually made a difference.

About the same time, some people at SPI shared information that turned into the largest, most comprehensive sales research study in history.  It was conducted by Neil Rackham and ended up defining the selling behaviors most closely identified with sales success with a high-ticket product.  This research research rocked my world, but more importantly revolutionized selling on a world-wide scale.

About twenty years ago I became the first trainer to introduce a high-ticket sales training program to the homebuilding industry.  Being first had it’s good and bad moments.  On one hand I’ve taken my share of “hits”, but on the flip side I have twenty years of experience perfecting a program that is now the most productive in the homebuilding industry.

The only thing I haven’t touched on is accomplishments, so here goes.  First, I was rookie of the year and the following year, salesperson of the year for Denver’s largest homebuilder.  About the same time, I won the MAME award for top Colorado salesperson.

After being promoted into management, I won the NAHB Region Marketing Director of the Year in two different regions.  Finally, I was awarded NAHB’s Marketing Director of the year at the IBS Conference.

Thanks for listening.